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Pain Management Range

Tria V_Guide® Epiduroscopy System

Wide Indication Area

  • Indicated for spinal stenosis, sciatica, chronic and discogenic disc pain, herniated disc and epidural adhesions
  • Applicable system for L3-S2 area

Minimal Invasive Approach

  • Suitable for minimal invasive approach with 3mm (9Fr) diameter catheter
  • 2 working channels in 1.20mm diameter for endoscope and medication

Ergonomic Catheter

  • Ergonomic handle design and dual direction movement for easy usage
  • Locking system which allows to lock system in required position
  • Four connection ports for safe and faster use

Access Kit

Dilator, Introducer, Guide Wire, Syringe, Extension and Needle

Disposable System

Sterile and disposable system for easy and safe usage

Video Support

Endoscope option with10k ve 20k resolutions in 1.0mm diameter optics

Steerable tip

Steerable, specially designed tip with a tungsten carbide part for better insertion and imaging